Taking care of yourself: Stressed out Mama

As an Acupuncturist. I hope to exude health, calm and balance to all of my patients. However, I am a mother of two children under the age of 4. When I am in my office, I believe I do exude all of the qualities I hope to help my patients achieve because it is the place I feel the most relaxed. Outside of the office has been a whole different story for me since the birth of my second son. January of this year I found that I had been in the worse shape of my life physically, mentally and emotionally. I kept hearing myself say "I have never been so stressed out and overwhelmed in my life."  I was experiencing migraines 2 to 3 times a week, digestive issues, and anxiety. All of this had been going on for almost a year. Of course I was completely sleep deprived on top of being acupuncture, yoga, proper diet and water intake deprived. I knew I did not like where this was heading and that I had to begin taking control of my health before I ended up somewhere I certainly did not want to be. Not to mention, I always prided myself on practicing what I preach. I began receiving acupuncture again, drinking tons of water, taking my magnesium tea before bed and after a few weeks my headaches began to go away. I haven't had a migraine in several months now. The yoga is on hold for the time being but once both kids are in school, it is the first thing I will bring back regularly into my life. I try to do at least 10 sun salutations a day but it doesn't always happen, especially when my boys are around and mistake me for a jungle gym. As a practitioner that works with a lot of fertility issues, I put a lot of time and thought into doing research for my patients to assure I am doing all that I can to help them regain balance and optimal health. I realized how important it is that I do this for myself as well so that I can be the best mother and wife for my children and husband. I am still working on the balance and trying desperately to reduce the levels of stress that come along with parenthood and running your own practice. This may be a life long journey. I am so blessed to have a supportive husband who gives me the time I need to take care of myself.

What I do notice in my practice is that I see so many moms prenatally and then either never again or not until the next pregnancy. I was guilty of this as well. Chinese Medicine has been an invaluable tool for me to get back on the path to regaining my balance and I should have resumed treatments directly after the birth of my son. It is definitely one of the tools that has helped stop the chronic migraines. When I am consistent with treatments my sleep improves and I feel better able to manage the stress in my life.  There is so much required of your body after you have a child and you are nursing around the clock all on the least amount of sleep you have ever experienced for an extended period of time. Do yourself and your family a favor and take care of yourself first so that you can take care of them to your fullest potential!